Welcome to Lusona Events Limited

you dream. we create. we execute

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create phenomenal events.

Lusona Events is an event management company that offers high quality tents, drapery, lighting for both wedding, corporate and general events achieving the “right look” for our clients.

we care

Lusona Events' success is based on the fundamental philosophy of providing an unrivalled personal service to every client. Lusona has established close links with a remarkable number of exceptionally talented specialists who share a similar philosophy - they are the best service providers in the business

we deliver

Well-known for their attention to detail, discretion and personal touch, Lusona clients range on a budget to this with no monetary constraints whatsoever. 'Whether intimately small or lavishly grand, I believe that planning an event from beginning to end is not just a checklist of things to be done- it is a fabulous journey which should leave you with fondest of memories'

we're creative

It is close to impossible to plan your event detail is handled professionally and timelessly, steering you in the right direction while you still make the ultimate decisions. We simply refuse to reproduce ideas and just love fashioning a new concept for each couple; Our trademark is imprinting my clients' unique needs on the day of their event.





With an expert like Lusona at your side you will be able to relax completely and enjoy your event with complete peace of mind. ‘Lusona Events is a product of absolute dedication.’ You’ll find our portfolio speaks volumes not only about our innate passion, but also our intuitive capability!

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” - antoine de saint-exupéry -

We're the greatest organisers you’re ever gonna get.

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